Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to join the PD program? arrow icon

If you are interested in joining the Professional Doctorate in Arts + Creative program, please note that participation is coordinated through the fifteen involved institutions. Follow these steps to apply:

(1) Identify your preferred institution: Determine which institution you wish to apply to. Ideally, you already have ties with this institution. Each institution may have different specializations and facilities that align with your research goals and artistic/design practice.

(2) Contact the professor: Directly reach out to the professor or research group associated with the Professional Doctorate program at your chosen institution. They will provide you with detailed guidance on the application process and what specific requirements you need to fulfill.

(3) Prepare your application: fill out the PD research proposal form, which you can download here

(4) Submit your application: Send your complete application package to the professor or the designated contact point at the institution.

(5) Await feedback: After submitting your application, wait for feedback from the institution. They may invite you for an interview or request additional information before making a final decision. The decision on the candidates formal nomination to the Graduate Network is made according to the applicable rules of the institutions involved.


Key Points to Remember

– Participation is only facilitated through the participating institutions, not directly via PD Arts + Creative.

– Communicate directly with the professor responsible for the program at the institution of your choice.

– Ensure your application is comprehensive, showcasing your research abilities and detailing your professional ambitions.

What kind of degree do I get after finishing the PD? arrow icon

Currently (spring 2022) the PD has no legal status yet. However, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science will start the legislative procedure for the 3rd cycle in UAS (HBO). The Minister is positive about the development of the PD phase. The legislative process will take two years until the actual statutory regulation, which must be adopted by parliament. Until then, the PD-program is acknowledged as a relevant and desirable qualification by the 15 participating art and design schools. A further recognition by international art and design schools is in development and expected to be in place before the legal process is finalized.