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Design Academy Eindhoven sees knowledge as an integral part of the design process and design culture, both in the form of research for design (gathering of knowledge) and research through design (shaping/creating knowledge or design research).

In a constantly changing world, research is fundamental to meaningful design. By learning from the past and the world around us, we can make informed decisions and contribute to shaping a future that we want to live in. Without this, we would create blindly, wasting both time and resources in an era where both are becoming increasingly rare and valuable commodities.

Research is the backbone of our approach to education. It is used to pose questions, to shape and reframe the role and meaning of design and the role of the designer. Within the school, this is manifested in an extremely diverse variety of approaches and understandings of what research is and how it can be done. Collectively, our position is informed by the concept of thinking through making, with the act of creation and the act of thought indelibly intertwined.

Being a University of the Arts that specialises in Design, DAE is also a productive environment for debates, lectures and the production of discourse. This aspect of reflection is an important building block for both our curricula and our research agenda and enables DAE to train people who are able to make meaningful contributions to social developments worldwide.

Applying for a DAE PD programme

The institute should give information on possibilities of applying for a PD. Who can apply, how and who is the contactperson to call or mail. Are there specific professors or research groups involved? Is there a preparation programme or an honors programme that one could apply for? Are there possibilities for master students, for external candidates?

Business opportunities

What about external parties that want to be involved in a PD and also have possibilities of co-financing the project?

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