Legal base for the PD

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science will start the legislative procedure for the 3rd cycle in UAS (HBO). The Minister is positive about the development of the PD phase. The legislative process will take two years until the actual statutory regulation, which must be adopted by parliament. Based on the progress of all the pilots and partly given this news, the General Assembly of the “Vereniging Hogescholen” decided to start the pilots on 1 January 2023.

The distribution of the total 34 available places for four years in the K+C pilot will be based on the principle of admitting slightly more candidates in the first two years and slightly fewer in the last two years of the pilot.

  • 2023: 10 places to be allocated
  • 2024: 10 places to be allocated
  • 2025: 7 places to be allocated
  • 2026: 7 places to be allocated

Published: 19 May 2022