Pre-PD program successful

The Shut-Up-and-Write sessions that the taskforce organized in September and October to help PD-candidates prepare their research proposal are now finished. About 20 candidates came together bi-weekly for a whole day of writing and peer discussion. For each of the five sessions three professors from the Graduate Committee joined the group to give feedback on individual ideas and writings.

Both candidates and professors said that they liked the process immensely and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their work with peers. Community building has been an important outcome of the pre-PD programme. The Taskforce will evaluate the program on the basis of participant and professor feedback and adjust (if necessary) the next run of the programme accordingly.

The candidates will submit their proposal to the assessment committees of their respective schools, who will select a candidate for nomination to the Graduate Committee in early December. The Graduate Committee will assess the proposals before January 1.

For privacy reasons we blurred the faces of the participants.

Published: 01 November 2022